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Astrological Predictions for 2017 German Federal Election

By: William Robert Helms Jr.

May 1, 2017

In late April a new candidate entered the German Federal Election, Martin Schulz. After doing his chart I now predict him to win it.

Mr. Osdemir will do well but I see Mr. Schulz doing better.

April 29, 2017

Based on my astrological analysis I predict that the race will be won by:

Cem Osdemir

Germany is going Green.

Please see: Notaes and Updates.

All the candidates are experiencing major developments in their career at this time whether they win or not. I know almost nothing about the candidates or thieir respective party affiliation. All I know is that there at nine candidates whose birth dates and place of birth I have and that the election is set for September 24, 2017. I have birth time of only two candidates. When I look at the charts all I can see is Green Green Green.

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