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Astrologer predicts Donald J. Trump to lose Presidency in 2020 US Election



August 31, 2020

Back in May: After evaluation of the known candidates for the office of President in the US General Election of 2020, I was in a quandary, I could find no winner in the whole bunch. The last entrant, Mr. West, has a better chart than any of them for the election day. But alas, He's a fake candidate. If he had been a real candidate he stood a very good chance of stealing the show. Okay, everybody is a loser; But somebody has to win, Right? In this case it is different. With the two remaining candidates there is only a looser: Trump. He has Saturn all over him, he can't win.
So what now? Biden takes the prize by default as Trump is a looser, big time.
Back in May when I made my first prediction I simply could not envision all this that has happened since. I chose Corey Booker because he had the faintest of good aspects that day. He had a Pluto trine Pluto. That is momentous but it is not really an aspect that would propel someone into the White House.
I can only hope that this information is helpful.

I can only hope that this information is helpful.

Jai Guru,
William Robert Helms, Jr.

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