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Joseph Biden's Astrological Chart for Election Day - November 3, 2020

September 18, 2020


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NOTE: This chart has Mr. Biden's Natal Chart in the center. The positions of the Transiting Planets are shown in the outter portion of the chart for the day of the Election..

As you can see Mr. Biden's Jupiter is receiving aspects from five planets. Mr. His Jupiter is receiving an opposition (180 degrees) (shown in red) from Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. His Jupiter is also getting a square (shown in red) from Mars. Jupiter represents our destiny and Mr. Biden's Jupiter is certainly energized with these aspects. Let's not forget Neptune witch is throwing a nice trine of 120 degrees (shown ingreen) to his Jupiter. Speaking of trines, Uranus is throwing a super trine to Mr. Biden's Mercury (shown ingreen) . This aspect from Uranus to Mercury will drive Mr. Biden's communications, perhaps for the better. The trine is a helpful aspect.

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