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Planetary Aspects in Joseph R. Biden's Natal Astrological Chart


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Joseph Biden does have an interesting chart. He could have been a good Astrologer. Neptune at ehe top of his chart says that. That same Neptune is, squared in red to his Stellium on the Ascendant comprised by Sun, Venus, and Mercury, and trine in green to Saturn, Moon, and Uranus. That is a lot of interaction for Neptune.

By contrast notice that his Jupiter in the eighth house of death has only one aspect and that is an inconjunct quincus (150 degrees) shown in brown, from Jupiter to his Sun. Any aspect from Jupiter is welcome.
Mr. Biden has two stelliums in his chart. On the right side shown with an orange circle is Moon, Saturn,Uranus. That alone is sisgnigicant and worthy of discussion. Saturn will repress, limit, and inhibit the Emotional Moon but Uranus is much to the other direction. Uranus will constanatly bombard his Emotional, Etheral being with change and upsets. So look at it; He has a boxing match going on between his Moon and the stability of Saturn verses the dynamic combustability of Uranus. That is probably not fun to wake up to every morning. Notice that these three planets are in the sixth house of Service. He will want to Serve and Serve he does. The Moon conjunction with Saturn gives him great emotional stability. But all those same planets are also trine (shown in green lines) Neptune which is good for intuitive understanding. Neptune trine Moon brings insight into the emotional nature of people and aids him in expressing empathy.


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