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Donald Trump's Astrological Chart for Election Day - November 3, 2020

September22, 2020


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NOTE: This chart has Mr. Trump's Natal Chart in the center. The positions of the Transiting Planets are shown in the outter portion of the chart for the day of the Election..

Uranus again, at the top of the chart, is shown with a green line to Mercury, This represents a sixty degree aspect which is also called a sextile. This is a good aspect. Perhaps Mr. Trump will have a good day for communication.

The red line runs from Saturn to Venus. As we discussed earlier, this cannot be considered a good aspect at all. Saturn will repress Trump's Venus which could cause problems with his social, financial, and love life. I think we will see them all suffer under this wilting aspect. This portends money problems.

Of paramount importance is the transiting stellium of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in the lower right of the chart above. These three planets are in opposition to Trump's natal stellium in the top left of the chart. Therefore the one red line representing the opposition of Saturn to Venus actually represents an opposition from the transiting stellium to Trump's natal stellium. I didn't want to mark up the page so much that you couldn't see it. You are looking at a stellium opposite a stellium. That has got to hurt.

The red linr running from Transiting Mars to Natal Jupiter will cause some exuberance and good cheer. This will bring good useful energy to Mr. Trump and his campain.

The light blue line running from Transiting Jupiter to Mr. Trump's Natal Sun represents a 151 degree aspect between these planets. One Hundred Fifty degrees is not a kind aspect. This aspect is called an inconjunct quincux and comes with a twist. It is not a straight forward aspect. You might think it is bringing good but the bottom can fall out on this aspect also. If this aspect was a one hundred twenty degree aspect instead of a hundred fifty, it could possible make the day for Mr. Trump. But as an inconjunct quincux I see it as a detriment. No double down with that same Jupiter being inconjunct quincux Trump's Uranus which represents Trump's standing with the people. I'm thinking that support will fall away just before the election.

Last but not least is at the top of the chart, please find the orange line which depicts a kiss from the Transiting Moon to Mr. Trump's Natal Sun. A timely touch from the Moon has been known to be very helpful or even save the day. It is a very auspicious aspect indeed but it will not save the day against all these hard aspects.

My analysis could go on and on. There is a lot to it. But in the face of all these squares and oppositions I have to say that Trump is going down.

Being the good student of Astrology that I am; I will depend on this chart to become much more clear after the fact. I will review it then. That's how I learn, and that is why I do it.

Praise to God in the highest for he is the creator of all things, the giver of all Live, the beginning and end of all cycles.


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