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USA Presidential Election of 2020

Astrological overview and followup

September 22, 2020

First Debate Roundup
Its all aboutt Neptune square Mercury

With less thatn forty days to go before the US General Election I pesent my Astrological Overview and Roundup.


My original presdiction that Cory Booker woule win.
Astrologer predicts Cory Booker to win Presidency in 2020 US Election


we must consider
; Astrologer predicts Donald J. Trump to lose Presidency in 2020 US Election

This overview and wrapup for the November 3, 2020Election.


Donald Trump's Natal Astrological Chart - In this same chart I add highlight lines for illustration;


Trump's relationships and finances to be tested - October 21,2020 - Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Venus October 21,2020

Donald Trump's Astrological Chart for Election Day - November 3, 2020


Joseph R. Biden Jr. Natal Astrological Chart

Joseph Biden's Astrological Chart for Election Day - November 3, 2020

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