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First Debate Roundup:

Its all about Neptune square Mercury
in the natal Astrological charts of both 2020 Presidential candidates.

I’ve been watching Joe Biden stutter his way through a sentence for years. So, when I did his chart earlier this year, I was not surprised to see he had Neptune square Mercury in his natal chart.

Neptune is foggy, veiled, and confused.

Mercury is communication and thinking. Squared as they are in his chart means he has trouble communicating and may be somewhat confused.

Donald Trump has the same aspect in his chart but I think Trump’s square leans a different direction. He is confused and deluded concerning reality; meaning he actually believes himself, and has trouble communicating also. But there is much evidence that Trump covers for it with lies. Some people close to him say he lies with every breath. But he may not see it that way. He thinks that Muslims in New Jersey cheered the 9/11/01 attacks, no matter what everyone else in New Jersey says. Now that must pass for deluded.


Trump's Natal Chart Biden's Natal Chart


I hope this information is helpful.


Postscript: (9-30-2020) The more I think of it the more amusing and farcical the first debate appears to me They prove my point for me. Two guys, each with Neptune square Mercury, and put them on National TV for a debate and look what happened. They are the best example of what would happen if you were silly enough to do such a thing. Didn't I already say that these two can't communicate in the best of circumstances? What a Fiasco

They make my point better than I can. They are the living aspect caught in the act of being itself. I am so amused.

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