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Planetary Aspects in Donald Trump's Natal Astrological Chart


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We still have the saame placements from the last view; Mars on Ascendant, Uranus conjunct Sun in the Tenth House, and Saturn conjunct Venus in the Eleventh House of friends.

Let's look at these Planetary Aspects:

Cutting from top to bottom in red we see Mr. Trump's Uranus is conjunct Sun but he also has Uranus oppossite Moon. That's a lot of Uranus for one person to cope with. That equals Sun and Moon in hard aspect to Uranus; and with Mars on the Ascendant too. Uranus will cause fluxuation and change

To the top left of the chart please notice Saturn conjunct the eleventh House. That is an aspect you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. The only thing good about this aspect is that it can lead to desipline with money but it can sure bring troubles with his love, money,and social life. We see a bit of all that in his person already. Saturn conjunct Venus is a no-starter. These two planets do not work well together. Saturn is cold and dry. Venus is warm and moist.

Last but not least let's consider NeptuneSquqare Mercury from the in the Second House to the Eleventh House.This aspect concerns communication (Mercury) and confusion (Neptune). A person with this aspect will have much trouble in communication. The results can be nothing more than misspronouncing words. It can also so include a stutter or not speaking up to be heard. Like all Astrological Aspects this one too has many manifestations. In worst case scenarios this can be downright deception, I mean lying with every breath you take. And with the confusion involved her the person can actually believe themselves because, like we said, Confusion riegns with this aspect.

Mars on the Ascendant:

Mars is the Plaanet of War. The ascendant is the focus of your prsonlity and represents how you are seen by other people. This perception is extremely important to anyone but in the President of the United States of America. Keep in mind that any planet in this placement is ssignificantly highlighted and empowered. An over empowered Mars is insistant, and demanding. It is not a cooprative Mars, if there is such a thing.

Now let's investigate Trump's chart for the day of the 2020 Election .

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