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Donal J. Trump's relationships and finances to be tested

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Venus on October 21, 2020

September 26, 2020


October 21, 2020

Note: The inside wheel is Trump's Natal Chart - The outside wheel is the position of the planets when Transiting Saturn makes a direct opposition to Trump's Natal Venus as shown with the broad red line.

This is a terrible aspect for the President to have only ten days before the election. This will be harsh. Financial losses are to be expected along with trouble in relationships also.. This is Venus so that means all relationships, Professional, Financial, and Social.
This opposition will severely test his closest relationships and will bring an end to some in matters of home and professional. He could be turned upon by other associates as well. This transit spells loss and loneliness. Under this transit a person can feel lonely in a room full of loved ones. This is not a good time to start relationships. This is a time to close them.

Venus rules social life and finances for everyone, Mr. Trump’s Venus is worth looking further into because his chart lends him to a double whammy here. Any one of us would receive trouble, challenges, and such if we had this transit in our chart. But please notice that Venus rules two signs, Taurus and Virgo. Those two signs will suffer if their ruler, Venus, is under restrictive discipline from Saturn.

In Mr. Trump’s chart Taurus is at the top of his chart with the Tenth House cusp in Taurus. The Tenth House concerns Profession. So that will be under pressure.

Mr. Trump also has Virgo on the Second House of Finances. Virgo ruling the second house and its ruler, Venus also, coming under such pressure from a Saturn opposition, We can expect financial pressure also as we head into the election on November 3.

We'll have to wait and see what happens.

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