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I was born on August 21, 1947.

At an early age I remember seeing what I thought at the time were very clear photographs of the Andromeda galaxy (M31) in an astronomy book. I also remember riding my bike around our neighborhood one night and passing by this one house I noticed this man in his driveway with a telescope on a tripod. I had never seen anything like it. Eeeek... I screeched to a halt on my bike and said Hi. Seeing my amazement; The gentleman asked if I had ever looked through a telescope? "No", I said. "Well, would you like to see the moon", he asked. You know I jumped off my bike and had a look, now don't you? It was a refractor type telescope, as I now know, with a large glass primary mirror out front to xcollect about five inches worth of light and focus it down to the size or the iris of my eye. I saw the moon like I was at ten thousand feet. I saw craters, crisp and clear. But the moon kept moving out of view because he had no motor drive. I said, "It moved away". That was his queue to tell me about the earth's rotating on its axis causing the moon to move. The moon wasn't moving in any way detectable to the naked human eye.

This was my introduction to the fact that the universe is in motion.

Lucky for me: our house was across the street from a city park, so it was somewhat cheared of trees so it gave me a good all around sky view and it was very clear and dark tothe north and east. So I became somewhat of a sky gazer and amateur astronomer. It didn't cost anything.

My second encounter came in 1068 close to Perry, Florida when a total eclipse of the sun occurred. I was twenty one years old. I took off to get there from where I lived at the time, Niceville, Florida. Perry is almost three hundred miles. Well, I wasn't quite to Perry when I began to realize that I was running out of time. The eclipse was only twenty to thirty minutes from now and I was still miles from Perry. So I pulled off the highway down some dirt road and found a spot to park the car. I got our and surveyed my perspective. Problem: It was an overcast day so I wouldn't be able to see the sun at all. I consoled myself that I'm here. I may as well see it out and see what I could see. There I was alright, standing around in the woods, waiting.... and waiting... Lots of time went by, I thought.

Then swish, everything went darker by about twenty percent. Then it got darker, but I could still see the clouds and horizon. Then it got darker still, but I could still see the clouds and horizon. But then the birds all around me started giving their evening song because it was now even darker. But I can still see the dark clouds all the way to the horizon. Then, Wow there appears this blackness on the far horizon which was growing at a rate that was somehow instinctively scary. Because, you see, I knew what that was. I knew that it was the penumbra of the moon’s shadow, and it was coming right at me. There was no such thing as getting out of the way. I was about to be completely covered by the shadow of the moon and at this point there was nothing I could do about it. This dark monster was flying towards me at about six hundred miles an hour, eating up the sky. It was shocking, amazing, humbling, scary, and fascinating. Once again, The universe is in motion.

Quantum physics tells us that through what they call "Entanglement" that will bind two sub atomic pieces of stuff together and that they will interact no matter what the distance between them. All stuff and non-stuff have the same origin. Does it not then make some sense, on some level, that everything, is Entangled? I think like that. But the main questions we won't go into here.

I was visiting my Realtor® one day in 1975 when his wife was introduced as an Astrologer. I had my chart done and she gave me a quick reading. It was obvious that she instantly knew more about me than I could explain. I wanted to know more. In time she taught me how to draw a chart using pencil and paper with a table of houses and ephemeris. I never was great at algebra but I'm champs with applied math. I took to it like a duck to water. I drew a chart for near everyone I knew. I still have many of those original hand drawn charts with the math on the back. All this was in the first half of 1976. I still couldn't get enough, so on March 24, 1978 I opened the Astrology Parlor at #3 Village Square, Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The Village Square doesn't exist any more. It was right downtown in an old one story motel that had been converted in to office space. It worked for me, except for the money that is. I was doing charts and reading them to walk in traffic for twelve dollars ($12). I did a lot of charts that way and I learned a lot of astrology. I had all the books and I had read them all. I still have most of them.

Just as I was doing all the above I saw my first advertisement for a Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 model 1 computer. That looked like the perfect device to do my charts for me. One thousand dollars please, no, I'm not so pleased but I bought one although there was no software to do astrology on it. There wasn't even a printer cable for it. There wasn't a printer available for it. I finally found Michael Erlwine at Matrix Software who had a little program tht would draw a square chart. I've been using a lot of computers since then.

The summer of 1978 was lean, dry, poverty stricken as an Astrologer. In August of that year I noticed that the two years of Saturn that I had been under was coming to an end. Not only that but I was about to have a transiting Jupiter tour my entire five planet stellium in Leo. I know my train was going to be coming into the station and I felt I didn't have my ticket. Am I going to stay with Astrology? Around that time I began to realize tahat I needed a dust cover for my TRS-80 computer but there wasn't one of those available either. So I started a company that I named CompuCover to make dust covers for computers. That worked out well. I retired in 2004 after twenty five years.

Now I've got more time for Astrology. In my charts I have seen the hand of God move, and I knew it. I'll never stop doing Astrology. I can tell you what I see in every chart I have ever done or will do. Its the person standing before me. They are the perfect reflection of their chart every time, in all aspects. And their chart is a perfect reflection of them too. Yeah, I like Astrology.

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