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Matchmaking for Love or Business

By: William Robert Helms Jr.

Astrological Chart synastry is one of the highest and best uses of Astrology. I practice proven techniques and methodologies that have worked over and over again to sort out the best possible match for you whether for Love or Business. My specialty is sorting out many possible matches for you to find the best match possible. It works every time.

It is also important to check your chart for receptiveness at this time. There are good, better, and worse times for finding your true mate for life. The kind of love which neither one of you can deny. now or later. Sometimes you're in a hole and other times the Sun is shining on you. So don't let another opportune time slip by you. Take the very best advantage of the right time by getting in touch with me right away. I'll pick the time, you pick the candidates, and I'll sort them out for you. I'll compare each candidate's natal chart with your natal chart. So before you accept or offer date, you ask for their birth date, time, and place, with an emphasis on accuracy. It works precisely the same way for business.

Included with your reading I will furnish you with one free astrological report from my vast selection or a one year forecast report. These will be e-mailed to you as a Portable Document Format (PDF) or HTM file.

Data Needed:
Be sure to have the date and place of birth for each candidate. I'll compare them all for you. Also bring the birth data of your past meaningfull relationships. You can learn a lot that way too.

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